Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

As time has passed marketing has evolved and has started to deliver the best results with little or no effort. It has started ruling Digital Marketing because now machines are doing all the human work with little or no succor. In this article, we will be telling you about some examples of artificial intelligence so that you may get to know more about it. So without any due let’s get started.

Deep Learning

The first example of an AI Digital Marketing Agency Dubai is deep learning. Deep learning allows you to teach the computer about text, speech, and images. It also involves guiding the computer about answering the queries, offers suggestions, and gives feedback. All of this process is known as deep learning.


In deep learning, we teach the computers to give suggestions according to the searches made by the users. The computer keeps the track of the searches and then provides recommendations and suggestions related to that searchers.

Product Recommendations

Not only on the text, images, and videos but the deep learning recommendation system also works on the products. Whenever you check an eCommerce store and make a purchase from it you get suggestions related to the product that you have purchased. This is also a part of Social Media Management deep learning where computers keep track of your purchasing and then recommend products related to that purchases.

Ads Targeting

According to your search and purchasing track, the computers get to know about your interests and try to show you ads which are according to your interest. These ads can be placed by Google ads management, Facebook ads management, or any other ads management services. There are more chances for you to get attracted and buy through those ads than other people who have not shown any interest in that kind of service.

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